supervised capstone projects

Morbid Obsessions: Exploring the Ambivalence of Death in Medical Museums in 20th and 21st century United States (Woodrow Wilson fellowship project, Sera Yoo)

The Missing History of the Hopkins National Pan-Hellenic Council, 2018 (oral history and archiving project focused on black Greek life, Kwame Alston)

Enslaved at Homewood: Education, 2018 (installation in exhibition Enslaved at Homewood, Homewood Museum, Yeiji Kim)

Curse of Dimensionality, Spring 2018 (interpretation for HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts installation, Andrea White)

Homewood Stories & Archaeology of Knowledge, Summer 2016 (audio tours, Anne Hollmuller)

Conversations with the Carrolls, April 2016 (museum theater performance, Sarah Braver and Helena Arose)

Rethinking Gulf Museology, 2015 (Woodrow Wilson fellowship project, John Durovsik)

Motifs in Jewish Art, 2013-2014 (installation, Drew Lash)

To Glorify and To Sanctify: The Crown in Jewish Art, 2012-2013 (installation, Gabrielle Barr)